[/prəˈgiːθiəs/ prə-JEE-thee-əs;[progɛːtʰeús], meaning "forethought"]

I'm John Balzac!

I'm a software engineer from Los Angeles, California; originally from Puerto Rico Puerto Rican Flag Icon!

I specialize in full-stack web development, and love to create scalable, dynamic, and accessible applications.

A picture of me
A picture of me and my dog

Why hire me?

A few reasons why I'm exactly what you're looking for:

I love what I do

I'm extremely passionate about providing the latest and most efficient use of technologies available.
I use the latest languages, frameworks and methodologies for the best performance and reliability expected out of todays modern day web and desktop applications.

The best price

I guarantee to give you the best bang for your buck and will work with you to ensure a fair price for your project that cannot be beat.
Email me at jbalzac@progietheus.com to talk about pricing for your project today!

Years of experience

I've been working as a professional web developer and software engineer for over 7 years, but my experience with web-design and development goes back as far as 13 years. I have worked with clients such as Farmers Insurance, eMobilePOS, RallyPages, & Simone River Vintage among others.

The experience of working in start-ups, small business, and large corporate environments has helped me grow as a professional tremendously. While most of my skills and experience in application design are honed on my own time and in my own personal projects, the practical experience of working with these companies has been invaluable!


I will work with you, whatever your needs, in building the most cost-effective and time-efficient solution to your requirements. There are no surprises, my process is transparent and you will feel confident in my ability to provide you with the product you paid for within the timeline that was stipulated.

Where to find me

Email, LinkedIn & Github

What can I do?

These are prototypes of different styles of sites that I have created in order to demonstrate the quality of work to be expected.

Social Media
Business Front

Where's all the work?

I'm new to the freelance gig...

Despite having the years of experience under my belt that I have claimed, most projects have been pay-per-use, or internal facing applications. As a result I can't show you a lot of the work I have done for companies due to legally binding contracts. There are exceptions, as I have begun finally creating more public facing sites, but for the most part my freelance career has only recently begun.

...so help me gain notoriety!

I want this to become my full-time job, as a result I need more clients. If you want to help me out, then all you need to do is hire me for your next project! I'm confident that with the experience I have, I will be able to tackle your project and then some.

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